Drawings can be of any material when they preference the materials and tools. I work in watercolor and ceramics. Drawings have two dimensions. Or, could have three if we add depth to the plane: it is not impossible. Space has three dimensions. Or, could have four if we dared to add a story, a narrative, or memory: it is not impossible.


I took an unusual path to get where I am today, Originally from Texas, pausing briefly on the Ozark Plateau and along the Puget Sound, I now find the Miami Valley is the perfect location for locking in roots. During my life travels, having completed degrees in Architecture, and Fine Arts in Design, and following a brief foray as a saucier. I teach Architecture and Interior Design as a Professor at Miami University. But more than that, …

I am a visual artist, gardener, and designer focusing on communicating, through abstraction, stories and phenomena from nature and mythology. This creative work takes the form of watercolor drawings and ceramic objects.


I make drawings that are emotional and technical but with a colorist's sensibility. They link the visual language of landscape, color theory, and constructed elements. The watercolor drawings are made by researching a particular myth, character, or phenomena. The sacred myth or condition in nature (the god Kali or ephemeral clouds) is an infinite ungraspable entity or presence. The properties of the tale are codified into a recipe then followed to generate a representation of the subject. The codification of the infinite contains and places a limit on the unconceivable. The code is followed ritualistically invoking the god-form. The representation of this code in painting is a religion. I paint religions. Some parts of the ritual are rendered in the form of gestures, some drafted lines and curves, some of collaged photographic elements, and other constructed pieces of wood floating above the plane of the paper.