Daffodil and Demeter Make Sparks.JPG
Mellissae Passes Point of no Return.JPG
Potnia's Cavern is no Wound.JPG
Where There is Two Ther is, Even, a Third preistess.JPG
Buck Moon, Cherry Moon, Harvest Moon et al Worshipped by All.JPG
Moth King Remembers Pluto.JPG
Orpheus before Pluto and Proserpina.JPG
Pluto Can Not Stay Her Seed.JPG
Floating red Ants, Floating Black Ants, Floating Aphids and Pills.JPG
The Name of Both a God and a Place.JPG
Myrmidons May Never Return.JPG
Actias Luna and Psyche.JPG
Anger of the True Venus is Fiercely Kindled.JPG
Psyche and Amor.JPG
Psyche and Three Sisters.JPG
Psyche Purifed by Misfortunes.JPG
Psyche Purifed by Passions.JPG
Venus Enslaves Phyche.JPG
Ophiuchus Falls in Love with Urainia.JPG
Ophiuchus Trembles before Aquila.JPG
Orphiuchus's tale of Serpens Caput and Serpen Cauda.JPG
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